Adhesives – the safe alternative to traditional joining techniques
The applications of adhesives are very diverse, as are the technical requirements. Our consultants analyze your requirements and propose optimized technical adhesives for the materials to be joined.

Your benefits – our service
We have a wide range of adhesives on stock, which allows fast deliveries, if necessary in small quantities. Please contact us.


  • Aerosols, sprays, Spray Mount, Fotomount, Creativmount and Displaymount
  • Hot melt, Jet-Weld and Jet-Melt adhesives
  • Dispersion and solvent adhesives, Fastbond, Scotch-Grip and Scotch-Seal
  • Scotch-Weld, construction adhesives, EPX systems, cyanoacrylates, one- and two-component adhesives
  • Primers and cleaners, Silane glass cleaner, lime-based cleaners and wipes
  • Primer und Reinigungsmittel, Silan Glasreiniger, Reiniger auf Limonenbasis, Reinigungstücher
  • Hot melt adhesives
  • One-component adhesives, bolt lock, anaerobic adhesives and Rite Lok
  • Two-component adhesives, EPX, epoxy, acrylate and polyurethane
  • Processing equipment, EPX-processing systems, applicators and mixing nozzles

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