If it has to be safe – anti-slip tapes and road markings
Walk-on products such as larger machines and ladders, as well as stairs and factory buildings, require the use of anti-slip tapes and surface markings. The self-adhesive properties of the tapes mean that the accident prevention measures can be implemented effectively and danger zones (e.g. slippery surfaces or insufficient marking of emergency exits) can be eliminated. Products for both indoor and outdoor use are available. SMS delivers these products in standard sizes in a large variety of qualities and colors, or as customized die-cut parts based on your specifications.

SMS at the service of safety
Appropriate materials will be selected according to your requirements and specifications. Specific customer requirements for the format of the anti-slip strips and road markings format will be taken into account, as well as the most efficient delivery format (e.g. rolls or pieces). Special shapes can be manufactured using die-cut pieces. As for all our other product types, we can deliver on short notice and do not require a minimum order quantity. Please get into touch with our consultants.

Anti-slip tapes:

  • Self-adhesive anti-slip tapes, Safety Walk
  • For all smooth surfaces such as storage rooms, stairs, ladders, etc.
  • For profiled surfaces on checker plates, steel-ladders, stairs, etc.
  • As a holder for frequently-used devices
  • For smooth surfaces in wet areas on boats, bathing rooms, etc.

Road markings:

  • Self-adhesive surface markings, Scotch Lane and Stamark
  • For marking roadways and parking spaces on industrial floors
  • To mark positioning and parking spaces outside
  • Temporary or permanent marking of road surfaces
  • Retro-reflective high-performance film with very good night visibility


  • Economic installation
  • Different colors and grain sizes
  • High abrasion resistanc
  • Standard pictograms and symbols
  • Customized die-cut parts

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