Auto-adhesive Bumpons and Bumpers

Many problems, one solution – Bumpers and Bumpons
Devices such as telephones, cash and card terminals are not supposed to move, even on smooth surfaces. Heavy equipment should be moved without damaging the surface. Vibrations and noises caused by the contact between metal parts in machines and components have to be dampened. Components such as doors and lids should be protected from striking or kept at a distance from other components. All of these applications require elastic bumpers and bumpons, which can be used very efficiently in the manufacturing process because of the bumpon’s self-adhesive properties. We have elastic bumpers and bumpons in various shapes and colors in stock. For special requirements we design and manufacture die-cut parts to your specifications.

Customized solutions – your advantage
Depending on your requirements, e.g. a high-friction coefficient or high abrasion resistance, different materials and adhesives are used. Our specialists will define the optimum solution for you. SMS can make a difference, in particular for complex parts, such as mechanical engineering or medical technology components. We deliver elastic bumpers and bumpons according to your exact specifications for the shape and technical properties, with no minimum order quantity. Please get in touch with our specialists.


  • Feet for phones and computers
  • Impact protection for furniture, doors and flaps
  • Vibration damping in equipment and machinery
  • Noise suppression in vehicles and engines
  • Surface protection for acrylic plates and glass furniture
  • A spacer or bumper for doors and panels


  • Rational assembly
  • Wide range of standard formats
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Permanently elastic and embrittlement-free
  • Customized die-cut parts

Please contact our specialists.