A key issue in industrial production is the connection of machined parts and components. Traditional connection methods in manufacturing technology include screwing, riveting, welding, crimping and soldering. In contrast, self-adhesive solutions are relatively new. All connection methods have specific characteristics, such as:

  • With or without heat and/or vibrations
  • Different peel strengths
  • Limitations with regard to suitability for various materials
  • Complexity, cycle time and costs in the production process

SMS offers a variety of ways to connect even the most difficult materials permanently or temporarily using adhesives or tapes. Compared to other connection techniques, self-adhesive solutions can provide added value, as the connection can act as an insulation or conductor, seal, marking or label at the same time (Acrylic Foam, VHB, Isotac, SPT, AFB and AFT).

Please contact SMS with your questions or your specifications. Our consultants will advise you on product parameters, make prototypes, produce multi-layer materials (laminates) and shape the chosen materials (die-cut parts and tapes) to match your needs.

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