The furniture industry uses adhesive technology for bonding components, acoustic insulation, design, labeling and logistics. Self-adhesive solutions should be permanent, not interfere with or attack wooden materials, and be able to be processed quickly and easily. Usually, classical adhesives are used for gluing and to apply laminates. SMS offers special solutions for high-quality design and invisible solutions, which do not attack wooden materials.

We will gladly provide you with our consulting and engineering services to increase efficiency by the use of adhesive solutions or to develop appropriate solutions available (bumpons, bumpers, buffers and rebound stops).

Typical SMS products for the furniture industry are:

  • Bumpons, bases and bedplates: in standard sizes, as well as customized forms and sizes for buffering moving parts and acoustic insulation
  • Connection: permanent connection between components using double-sided tapes, die-cut parts and adhesives, as well as residue-free detachable connections, such as Dual Lock and Velcro
  • Marking and labeling: pictograms, instructions, type and series numbers, e.g. with consecutive serial numbers and/or bar codes or data matrix codes, e.g. that can be customized by the customer using thermal transfer
  • Transport container labels: removable label solutions for logistics systems

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