Inspection labels and their application

Inspection labels are employed when periodical checks have to be executed, either in fulfillment of legal requirements or to ensure the proper operation and implementation of corporate safety regulation. Our product range comprises products for the testing of electrical devices or cables, for example in hospitals, solutions for mechanical engineering, measurement and testing engineering as well as for many other applications. PVC inspections labels offer an excellent price-performance-ratio and are suitable for temporary labeling. Safety labels/ tamper evident labels cannot be removed without leaving traces or destroying the label and thus proofing any tampering. Labels made out of heat-resistant films can be used for high-temperature applications like machinery. We use a variety of security films and tamper evident materials such as checkerboard films, triangle films, void films, checkerboard films or destructible films, which offer the best protection against tampering.

Perfect monitoring and control with inspection and calibration labels

Inspections and calibration labels can be produced covering periods of one year, several years or any customized time interval according to your requirements. Standard texts used comprise the year, „next test date“ or „tested on“. Further to inspection and calibration labels we manufacture so-called base labels. Labels can be mounted on the base label, to allow for residue-free detachment and replacement of the inspection and calibration labels. We manufacture inspection labels according to a variety of regulations (e.g. BGV A3), for electrical appliances, ladders and steps, inspection labels according to the DGUV regulations for electrical systems and equipment as well as labels according to accident prevention regulations (e.g. UVV).

We produce without any minimum order quantity and shape the labels exactly to your requirements (e.g. with reference to text, logo, size, shape and any calibration tags).

Our specialists will chose suitable materials dependent on your requirements and select those from our vast and high-quality material range. We will be pleased to design your label if required. You can rely on our fast reaction and delivery times.

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