Insulation protects against electrical fields and electricity, magnetic fields, temperature and mechanical forces. In the field of electrical engineering, in particular, self-adhesive insulations are used to protect components from current leaks, electrical discharges, heat generation and similar types of interference. In this area, especially the optimized space ratio, the ability to produce complex shapes and highly durable self-adhesive solutions are decisive factors for their success (Makrofol, Lexan, Kapton, Mylar, Hostaphan, Formex, Nomex, Glass cloth tapes, polyimide films, PTEP polyester laminates, PVC films, PTFE Teflon films, acetate films and epoxy films).

Please contact SMS with your questions or your specifications. Our consultants will advise you on product parameters, make prototypes, produce multi-layer materials (laminates) and shape the chosen materials (die-cut parts and tapes) to match your needs.

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