Labeling is one of the most important applications of self-adhesive technology. Permanent labels have replaced riveted and machined signs. Modern bonding techniques make it easy to apply labels, even on difficult surfaces and complex structures. With modern quality assurance and logistics systems, demand for labels has risen steeply, in line with increased technical requirements. The use of bar codes, RFID solutions and Data Matrix Codes has become standard.
Self-adhesive solutions can respond to a large variety of technical criteria: for example, they can be permanent (e.g. for batch tracking and inventories) or be removable without leaving residue (e.g. relabeling foil), can be scratch-resistant, cold and/or heat-resistant, can be produced out of a certain material or have to correspond to a defined size and shape. The labels can be printed at the factory, ready for use by the customer, or printed by the customer using standard thermal transfer printing or laser printing. Another requirement may be the printing of barcodes or sequential numbers. Furthermore, the use of the self-adhesive solutions can be optimized, e.g. by using dispensers for labels or ready-to-use self-adhesive identification plate sets to speed up the manufacturing process.
SMS offers a wide range of adhesive products and solutions, technical and above all customer-specific solutions, even in small quantities (UL, CSA, MIL, FDA listed, RoHS, REACH, ASR A 1.3, BGV A8, DIN EN ISO 7010, ANSI, reflective, phosphorescent, fluorescent, thermal transfer labels and laser printed labels).

Please contact SMS with your questions or specifications. Our consultants will advise you on product parameters, make prototypes, produce multi-layer materials (laminates) and shape the chosen materials (die-cut parts and tapes) to match your needs.

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