Medical technology is characterized by the production of mainly complex devices in small or medium quantities. In addition, a variety of consumables is needed. Safety aspects, such as compliance with clinical hygiene, durability and traceability standards, have top priority. This means there are extensive requirements for self-adhesive solutions, such as detergent-resistance, wipe- and scratch-resistance.

We offer consulting and engineering services to increase efficiency, through the use of adhesive technology, and can design appropriate solutions using existing materials (UL, CSA, MIL, FDA listed, RoHS, REACH, ASR A 1.3, BGV A8, DIN EN ISO 7010, ANSI, reflective, phosphorescent, fluorescent, disinfectant resistant, thermo-sensitive, indicator tape and sterilization tape).

Typical SMS products for medical technology customers are:

  • Displays and keypads
  • Seals/ gaskets: seals for (embedded) displays, e.g. protection against liquids and dust
  • Type plates: small production runs to replace riveted metal plates with special requirements (e.g. detergent resistant)
  • Warning labels: permanently bonded signs fulfilling special standards and requirements concerning durability and hygiene
  • Test labels: to document regular internal and external audits and inventory
  • Identification, type and series numbers, e.g. with consecutive serial numbers and/ or bar codes or data matrix code, e.g. to be customized by the customer by thermal transfer printing
  • Security labels: marking of original parts and spare parts
  • Electronics: disruptive discharge protection, discharge of static electricity and heat, and shielding

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