Products made out of various metals and their alloys, such as sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum or steel, are vital. Their outstanding properties, such as conductivity, heat resistance and stability, mean that they are used in almost all industries. Metal processing companies have strict requirements in terms of metal materials and metal joining technology. Metals cannot always be joined using classic joining methods, such as welding or bolts. Moreover, the use of self-adhesive solutions for joining metals can offer major advantages:

  • No penetration into the metal: no violation of the material and thus a reduction in the risk of corrosion
  • Additional benefits due to the sealing properties of the adhesive: protection against the ingress of liquids or dirt
  • Uniform distribution of force by surface bonding instead point loads for traditional joining methods
  • Not visible

We will gladly provide you with our consulting and engineering services to increase efficiency by the use of adhesive solutions, and developing appropriate solutions available (UL, CSA, MIL, FDA listed, RoHS, REACH, ASR A 1.3, BGV A8, DIN EN ISO 7010, ANSI, reflective, phosphorescent, fluorescent and eloxal signs).

Typical SMS products for metal processing are:

  • Connection: permanent connection between components by double-sided tapes, die-cut parts and adhesives, as well as residue-free detachable connections if desired
  • Bonding, e.g. for frame constructions or stiffeners out of sheet metal
  • Marking, labelling: pictograms, instructions, type and series numbers, e.g. with consecutive serial numbers   and/ or bar codes or data matrix code, e.g. to be customized by the customer by thermal transfer printing
  • Sealing of joints
  • Self-adhesive die-cut parts for covering before painting or powder-coating jobs and residue-free removal
  • Explosion protection: production of special self-adhesive parts
  • Test labels: use in the context of quality assurance systems, for inventory or technical inspection
  • Transport container labels: solutions for Removable Labels for logistics systems
  • Security labels: labels for protection against warranty claims, labelling of original components and spare  parts

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