Plastics industry products cover a wide field, ranging from packaging, appliances and automotive use, to the leisure industry. Plastic materials are shaped using heat or glue. Because of the affinity of the materials used by the plastics industry, self-adhesive solutions usually provide comprehensive value, e.g. for fastening, sealing, joining, securing and connecting. There are many different types of bonding adhesive.

We offer consulting and engineering services to increase efficiency, through the use of adhesive technology, and can design appropriate solutions using existing materials (UL, CSA, MIL, FDA listed, RoHS, REACH, ASR A 1.3, BGV A8, DIN EN ISO 7010, ANSI, reflective, phosphorescent, fluorescent, and adhesive tape for PP and PE).

Typical SMS products for plastics are:

  • Nameplates: adhesive solutions from films or metal
  • Warnings: installation of permanent, bonded signs
  • Test labels: use in the context of quality assurance systems, for inventory or technical surveillance
  • Marking, labelling: pictograms, instructions, type and series numbers, e.g. with consecutive serial numbers and/ or bar codes or data matrix code, e.g. to be customized by the customer using thermal transfer printing
  • Connection: permanent connection between components using double-sided tape, die-cut parts and adhesives, as well as residue-free detachable connections if desired
  • Transport container labels: removable label solutions for logistics systems
  • Security labels: labels for protection against warranty claims, labelling of original components and spare parts

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