Achieving optimal quality is our utmost priority. We understand quality to be the complete and ongoing fulfillment of customer requirements through our products and processes. Our employees play a key role in optimizing quality. Many of our employees have spent a large part of their career with SMS and have commensurate in-depth experience. We attach considerable importance to internal and external training for our new employees.

A further core area in the optimization of our processes is internal quality management. Our continuous validation process is based on company-wide, open, factual analysis of improvement potentials and failures. By documenting production parameters and inspections during the production process, sustainable quality can be guaranteed. Last but not least, the use of adhesive tapes and films from leading manufacturers is an additional quality driver.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and has a UL certification. All SMS products can be produced according to general (e.g. REACH and RoHS) and industry-specific standards and guidelines if customers so request.