Safety labels – according to customer specifications and if necessary in very small quantities
As we are specialized in self-adhesive technology, we can manufacture printed and blank labels for a variety of requirements, with no minimum quantities and in a variety of label shapes and sizes. From inspection stickers to barcode labels and inventory labels, our security labels feature predetermined breaking points and specific effects to prevent tampering, illicit opening, and interchanging. Renowned customers in the electrical engineering, engine building, automotive and optical industries trust our security labels, as well as our reliable production and delivery. We can provide your security labels in sheets or rolls according to your requirements.

Applications – security labels for marking and identification
Our labeling solutions are developed to the highest quality standards, in accordance with your individual requirements. For optimum bonding, the adhesive is always chosen according to the adherent surface and protected until application. The color selection, as well as the shape and size of the labels, can be customized. In addition to type labels and nameplates, SMS products include safety and warranty labels, safety labels as seals for packaging and equipment, and barcode labels with consecutive numbers or barcodes (numbering), inventory labels for industrial use and anti-counterfeit security labels. We produce inspection labels and calibration labels that include all required data, logos and exclusively on high-quality films for efficient use.

Specific films – for efficient and safe labeling
According to whether your labels need to be safely transferable, single-use, or meet the specific requirements of an inspection label, as a high quality manufacturer and converter we can offer the best solutions and the most suitable films.
Void tamper evident labels are particularly safe. Even the slightest attempt to detach the label will result in the lettering „void“ or a similar word appearing. The technique of checkerboard footprint labels is similar: in the event of tampering, the label film splits and a checkerboard pattern appears.

Security label materials at a glance:

  • Void, Triangle or Checkerboard foils (PETP white, silver or color): Checkerboard or Purple stop
  • Radiant Color and holographic foils (PETP laminate or coined PETP
  • Easily destructible films (acrylic, PVC, PE, polyurethane or acetate)
  • Films with individual security features

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