Seals prevent or limit the passage of gases, liquids and solids from one area to another. In technical components, seals can prevent spillages of gases or lubricants, and keep water, air or dust out. By using self-adhesive seals, seal performance can be enhanced, and the durability and efficiency of the structure increased.
Seals are used both in mechanical and electrical/electronic components. In mechanical components, the joints between metal parts are usually sealed against the ingress of dirt and leakage of lubricants. Customer-specific solutions cover different shapes and sizes of the components and the width and type of the joints (gasket, frame gasket, round cord, dust seal).
Seals in electrical devices and electronics prevent the ingress of dirt, dust and liquids. Seals can protect highly sensitive electronic components. We manufacture your seals exclusively from high quality, durable elastic foams or chemical-resistant elastomers (Norseal, PORON, Bisco, EPDM, NBR, SBR, APTK, Scotchfoam, foam rubber, CR, FKM, PUR, PVC, EVA, rubber, Teroform and silicone).

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