Security films are specifically designed for sealing labels. Security labels are used whenever brand protection, authenticity or product identification becomes an important issue. Possible applications include guarantee labels for the electronics industry, seals for government agencies or medications and non-transferable safety information for the automotive industry. Tampering or manipulating will destroy the security label. Typical applications include guarantee signs, test labels and tokens, seal labels for documents and security seals.

Safety films leave either a “void”-text or a checkerboard pattern. After their removal, the labels cannot be reused or be transferred.

SMS provides customized security labels in your choice of format and in various colors. The labels can be printed at the factory, for example, with a customer logo, or variable labels provided for use in thermal transfer printing (void, triangle and checkerboard tamper evident warnings, purple stop, radiant color, holographic films, destructible films, security stamping and UV color coding).

Please contact SMS with your questions or your specifications. Our consultants will advise you on product parameters, make prototypes, produce multi-layer materials (laminates) and shape the chosen materials (die-cut parts and tapes) to match your needs.

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