Adhesive tapes – Diversity in use
The very wide range of applications and processing methods that exist today require a variety of different adhesive tapes. SMS is totally independent from adhesive and tape manufacturers. It offers a wide range of one-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes as a starting point for your product development. Applications for adhesive tapes include labels, seals and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, as well as disruptive discharge protection for electronic components.

A wide choice of materials – optimal solutions
Our specialists choose the adhesives and liners to be used, based on our customers’ individual requirements. For one-sided adhesive tapes, the liner is coated with adhesive on one side; double-sided tapes are coated on both sides. Transfer tapes are liner-free, with a thin adhesive film for protection. We will find the perfect solution for your application with liners made from PVC, PP, PU, copper, lead, EPDM, PI, PC, butyl, PET and other materials.

SMS tapes – your advantage
Our consultants will advise you independently of any adhesive or tape manufacturer. We provide you with in-house processing of the tapes and comprehensive storage, even for special tapes, and thus very short delivery times. There is no minimum order quantity.

One-sided tapes

  • Paper for templates, correcting and transferring
  • Crepe for painting and varnishing
  • Tissue for repairing, isolating and identifying
  • PVC for road markings and electrical isolation tape
  • PP for packaging and bundling
  • PE for surface protection and sliding aid
  • PETP for splicing and electroplating covers
  • PU for stone chip and scratch protection
  • PI for isolation and high temperature applications
  • PTFE for adhesive-repellent coating
  • PC for disruptive discharge insulation
  • Silicone slip-resistant coatings
  • Butyl for self-welding isolation
  • EPDM for sealing and damping
  • Aluminum for sealing, as ESD protection and for heat conduction
  • Copper for shielding and earthing
  • Lead for radiation protection and for covering during the chroming-plating proces

Double-sided tapes

  • With no liner, as a transfer for front panels, touch panels and signs
  • With PET carrier as a distance component for keyboards
  • With paper tissue liner for bonding of paper, cardboard and plastic
  • With fabric liner for bonding PVC coverings, carpets and fabrics
  • With film liner for bonding of plastic, glass and garnish moldings
  • With metal liner as an electrically conductive adhesive solution
  • With ceramic liner as thermally conductive mounting of heat sinks
  • With PU foam for mounting mirrors, exhibition booth construction and shop design
  • With PE foam liner compensation tolerance for mountings, wall hooks, and bars
  • With PVC foam liner as sealing adhesive to bond metal, glass and plastic
  • With VHB and Acrylic Foam for permanent bonding with maximum loads

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