Transport container labels: SM Relabeling-Foil for residue-free re-labeling and marking

The problem – multiple layers of transport container labels
Logistics systems generally use reusable transport containers that are marked with labels for each transport operation to ensure an automated chain, using barcode readers and the corresponding codes. Since peeling off the labels is time consuming, the labels are continually pasted over each other. After a few cycles, several layers of old labels have built up. The containers then need to be cleaned to avoid incorrect readings, which takes time, or be withdrawn from circulation.

The solution – SM foil transport container labels
A specially coated, transparent carrier foil constitutes the basis for changing labels. The foil can be re-labeled and is weather-resistant, so that labels can be re-applied and removed intact for reuse. Incorrect barcode readings and expensive cleaning to remove label residues are thus a thing of the past.

Customized solutions – Your advantage
As for all SMS products our consultants will find the optimum solution for with regards to formats and layout (e.g. blank or printed, with or without your logo and numbering) and the packaging on rolls or on ready-to-use formats. Special labels can be designed and produced in single units and there is no minimum order quantity.

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