Fast and flexible unlockable attachment systems
You may require permanent or unlockable/detachable attachment systems. For unlockable connections, it is advantageous if they can be reused. Applications include the efficient, quick release of displays, screens, images or panels. These systems are frequently used in exhibition booths and shop buildings, the furniture industry and automotive or mechanical applications.

Unlockable fastening systems, the perfect fit
SMS provides you with various unlockable and detachable fastening systems such as Velcro or Dual Lock. Our specialists will choose the optimum system together with you. If necessary we make the fastening system correspond to the required format, for example by die-cutting, for direct use in the production cycle.
For surface applications, the materials are converted to the required width. As for other products, we manufacture prototypes and require no minimum order quantity. We deliver fast, to cover short-term demand.

Unlocking fastening systems

  • Snap fasteners, die-cut parts, Velcro, Aplix, 3M Scotchmate, Velstrap, VELLOC and One Wrap Strap
  • Pressure locks, 3M Dual Lock and Ultra Mate

Applications for unlockable and detachable fastening systems

  • Removable panels and fairings
  • Mounting of displays and pictures
  • Attaching signs and digital printing
  • Putting up banners
  • As a spacer in doors and panels
  • In exhibition booths and shop buildings
  • In advertising and sign making
  • In plant and machine construction
  • In the furniture and kitchen industry
  • In the automotive industry


  • Rational assembly
  • Ideal for mounting of displays and pictures
  • White, black and transparent
  • Long rolls for industrial applications
  • Short rolls in dispenser boxes
  • Customized die-cut parts

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